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Even small sums set aside regularly over time help make higher education more affordable. Each dollar saved is a dollar you don’t need to borrow and repay with interest.

my529 can help everyone save, even if you’re not a Utah resident.

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Share class change for underlying fund; savings passed on to account owners

The Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund moves to a lower-cost share class as of May 2, 2024. my529 is passing on the savings to account owners.

Account owners invested in options featuring the underlying fund will collectively save more than $947,000 annually.

The ticker symbol for the fund will shift to VTISX from VTPSX.

my529 plan in action

my529 has been helping families save for education for more than 20 years. Investing now for future educational costs can add up and save you from paying back money you borrowed with interest. my529 also has tax advantages that helps you reach your savings goals.

This scenario is for a my529 account over 18 years with a contribution of approximately $40 at account opening and on the first day of each month, with a 5% rate of return compounded annually.

What can my529 savings be used for?

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Calculate your college savings needs

my529 is working with Invite Education to provide a financial calculator to help you plan out a strategy for higher education costs. Just plug in your information and future goals. Change variables on which schools your beneficiary might attend or how much you want to contribute to savings on a regular basis, then view your results. You can explore multiple future possibilities. After you’ve made your calculations, you can print out a personalized report.

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College pays.
So does an early start to savings.

At my529 we believe in your child’s budding talents–his fascination with flight, her knack for math or love of painting. We help you invest for education so you can help your child achieve his or her dreams.