How to Save

Getting started with my529 is easy

Gather Basic Information

To get set up, you’ll need basic information for both the account owner and beneficiary. This includes Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and more. See the full list here.

Choose an Investment Strategy

my529 offers a variety of investment options — 12 Enrollment Date options, 10 Static options and two Customized options. You decide how aggressive you want to be with your investment based on your goals and how much time you have to save.

Read the Program Description and open an account

If you are opening an investment account, please read the Program Description to understand the risks associated with investing in my529.

Make a Contribution

You can contribute to your my529 account in several different ways. However, no fee or initial contribution is required to open an account.

get started with my529

What can an account owner do?

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How to contribute

You can contribute to your my529 account in a variety of ways.

Rolling over funds

It’s easy to roll money into a my529 account from another plan, and vice versa.

withdrawing from a 529

How to withdraw

Time to use your 529 funds? Learn more about withdrawing from your account.

giving a gift

How to gift funds

Find out how friends and family can contribute to your account as a gift.

my529 forms

Find the form you need for various account transactions.