Investment Options

A diverse menu

my529 offers an array of investment options. Each option uses a different investment strategy. Choose the option that works best for you.

  • A Target Enrollment Date option with 12 portfolios.
  • 10 Static or Fixed Income options.
  • Two Customizable options.
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Target Enrollment Date option

The Target Enrollment Date option has 12 portfolios that take into consideration the target year the account beneficiary will begin taking withdrawals to pay for qualified education expenses.

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Static options

Static investment options do not change their allocations as your beneficiary ages.

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Customized options

You can create a unique investment allocation from the underlying investments that my529 offers.

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Underlying investments

my529 pools contributions from account owners and other contributors for the purpose of investing in Vanguard and Dimensional mutual funds, the PIMCO Interest Income Fund separate account and FDIC-insured accounts held at Sallie Mae Bank and U.S. Bank. Each of my529’s investment options comprises some combination of these underlying investments. The my529 account owner does not own shares of any underlying investment. Instead, the account owner owns my529 units in the selected investment options issued by my529.

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Allocation tables for my529 investment options

For a side-by-side comparison of our options, please review the underlying fund allocations for all of my529’s Enrollment Date and Static investment options. You can also view the funds available for the Customized options.

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Fees and expenses

my529 fees are some of the lowest in the 529 industry.

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