College Savings Estimator takes the guesswork out of education savings

Hearing about FAFSA confusion, rising student debt and fluctuating interest rates can make saving for higher education feel like a guessing game. But there’s no need for a crystal ball, thanks to my529’s College Savings Estimator.

Investigate various options to cut through the noise on what college costs these days. Utilizing my529’s College Savings Estimator you can:

  • Contrast expenses across multiple school categories (in-state v. out of state, public v. private)—or even compare specific schools once your student has narrowed things down to their favorites.
  • Customize predictions to include only tuition, or include books, room and board—and even projected personal expenses.
  • Have multiple future graduates? No problem! You can set each child up with their own tab.
  • Generate your personalized report to keep education savings on track.

Want more benchmarks for how much to save? Compare your estimates with College Savings Plans Network’s Roadmap For Their Future. It offers guidance at every age to prepare your child for higher education. It also has a tracker to demonstrate how setting aside just $10 a week can add up quickly over the years.

Don’t let the news about rising higher education costs overwhelm you. Saving small amounts early and often can add up quickly over time, so use my529’s College Savings Estimator to determine your savings goals and develop your own custom roadmap.

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