Personalized portals offer unique gifting experience (FAN Winter 2023)

The gifting season is upon us, and we want to help your clients make it memorable. Our Gift Program allows your clients to personalize their portal profile and then send friends and family a unique link to contribute funds to the beneficiary’s account.

If your client has given you Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) access with level 2 or higher, you have the ability to enable their gift code within your online advisor access. You can then send them our Account Owner Gift Program Guide to encourage them to customize their portal with a photo and thoughtful message.

You can include some fun suggestions for personalizing these portals. The opportunities are numerous, and some ideas across all ages that you can pass along to your clients include:

  • Newborn photo with birth announcement to accompany birth announcement cards.
  • Beneficiary’s photo with finger painting/sandbox or playdough sculpture/Lego creation with messaging about “What do they want to work on when they grow up?” shared for birthdays.
  • Beneficiary’s photo with art/science project or concert/theatrical performance and messaging about their favorite subjects or hobbies shared for holidays.
  • Senior class picture with messaging about graduation party details and included with the party invitations.
  • Beneficiary’s photo in collegiate colors to announce post-high school plans.

We have made it easy for loved ones to feel connected while giving from afar with the personalized profile. Your clients can also edit the email copy generated when sending the unique gifting code so that it can suit any special occasion or gifting audience.

The unique gift code lasts for the life of the account and allows for safe and secure contributions from family and friends to the beneficiary’s my529 account. As the year ends, remind your clients that they can gift up to $17,000 a year without incurring the federal gift tax.

Contributions can be made using electronic funds transfer, a check or a debit card online. Most major debit cards are accepted with four preset dollar amounts of $25, $50, $100, and $250. A service fee is charged by the card processor. The fee corresponds to the amount gifted.

Save friends and family the stress of trying to pick out the perfect gift for a loved one. Think about recommending the my529 gift platform to your clients to help facilitate their shopping and their 529 savings. Encourage your clients to customize their gifting profile using the Account Owner Gift Program Guide or refer them to

We have made it easy for loved ones to feel connected while giving from afar with the personalized profile.