Withdrawals in your wallet

Sign up for the my529 Access Discover® Prepaid Card in your online account.

Pay for qualified expenses with our new prepaid card

Credit and debit card technology has made paying for everyday purchases nearly effortless. Payment cards now require only a click, a swipe or a tap. What if accessing your college savings investment could be just as simple?

Introducing the my529 Access Discover® Prepaid Card.

The my529 Access Card can be used at select merchants for in-store or online purchases where Discover is accepted. Beginning in fall 2023, you will have a simple way to access your investment.

Funds can be withdrawn online from your my529 account and transferred to your my529 Access Card. After that, click, swipe or tap the card to use the money when paying for qualified education expenses, including fees, books and supplies.

Setting up a my529 Access Card for your beneficiary gives you peace of mind when you need to send money to your student for a trip to the campus bookstore or a few more meals in the cafeteria.

The account owner continues to maintain control of the account when transferring savings from the my529 account to the card. As an added benefit, tracking those qualified education expenses with the Access Card is simple and convenient through Card Services online.

Once funds are transferred to the my529 Access Card, they are considered withdrawn from my529 and are no longer invested in the account owners’ my529 accounts.

Can the my529 Access Card be used to pay tuition?

Yes. However, please be aware that your college will likely charge a percentage fee for using the card to pay tuition. Contact Card Services to explore other options to pay your tuition using your my529 Access Card. You can reach Card Services at 1.844.545.0805.

Use the card for qualified education expenses.

The my529 Access Card should be used when paying for your qualified education expenses. To that end, the card will not work with certain vendors, such as those who sell alcohol or tobacco products or those who provide services like gambling or adult entertainment. You can read more about qualified education expenses in the Program Description.

Make paying for qualified education expenses at college easy by signing up for our new my529 Access Card. Learn more by logging into your my529 account online.

The my529 Access Discover® Prepaid Card is issued by Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC. Discover and the Discover acceptance mark are service marks used by Central Bank of Kansas City under license from Discover Financial Services. Certain fees, terms, and conditions are associated with the approval, maintenance, and use of the Card. You should consult your Cardholder Agreement and Fee Schedule at my529accesscard.com. If you have any questions regarding the Card or such fees, terms, and conditions, you can contact Card Services 24/7/365 toll-free at 1-844-545-0805.