Family college savings

The Utah Legislature established my529 in 1996 to help you save for college.

The mission of my529 is to provide the best 529 educational savings plan at the lowest possible cost, and my529 is the plan of choice for Utah residents.

Why Utahns choose my529

  • my529 offers a variety of investment options.
  • Investment options comprise Vanguard and Dimensional funds and FDIC-insured accounts.

Accounts are easy to set up

  • No enrollment fee.
  • No minimum balance or contribution is required.

Low fees

  • my529 has some of the lowest fees nationwide.
  • Learn more about low fees.

Tax benefits

  • Tax-deferred earnings: Money in your my529 account accumulates free from federal and Utah state income taxes.
  • Tax-free withdrawals: Investment earnings do not incur taxes if withdrawals are spent on qualified education expenses.
  • Utah state income tax credit or deduction: Utah taxpayers may claim a Utah state income tax credit up to certain limits on contributions into my529 accounts for which they are an account owner. See tax table.

A Utah taxpayer may not claim Utah state tax benefits for a contribution made to an account for which he or she is not the account owner.

New to Utah? Check out Utah’s my529 educational savings plan

While you are becoming acquainted with the many available outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and mountain biking that living in Utah affords you, make sure to check out my529, Utah’s nationally rated 529 educational savings plan.

  • Rollovers: If you already have a 529 account in another state, you may qualify for Utah’s state income tax benefits if you roll those funds over to my529. See Rollovers for more information about how to rollover funds from another state’s 529 plan.