October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023

School payments with peace of mind

my529 is introducing a secure, electronic payment service that allows account owners to send an expedited withdrawal to higher education institutions. Read more.

Give a meaningful holiday gift

Consider using my529’s Gift Program to contribute to the education savings of a child in your life. Read more.

Withdrawals in your wallet

Beginning in fall 2023, you will have a simple way to access your investment. Read more.

529s aren’t just for 4-year schools

As a reminder, 529 funds can be used for registered apprenticeships, which are considered a qualified education expense. Read more.

Avoid debt and alleviate stress

It’s a good idea to examine your financial wellness, including having adequate savings for future expenses and trying to avoid debt. Read more.

2023 Year-end deadlines

my529 will record tax-year transactions based on the following deadlines. Read more.

Utah state tax benefits information

Maximum contributions for tax credits for the 2023 tax year. Read more.