April 2023

April 2023

my529 and the markets, Part 2

my529’s investment options are built with index funds, which track market indexes like the S&P 500 and the Russell 3000. Read more.

Major payoff: How much is a degree worth?

What level of postsecondary education is your child interested in pursuing? Their path may change, but a discussion with this context could inform them about the prospective value of education. Read more.

Book your way out of summer boredom

The Book Your Summer reading award is a partnership between my529, Utah’s educational savings plan, and the Utah State Library. Read more.

Targeted Enrollment Date portfolios to be updated

One of the appeals of my529’s Target Enrollment Date (TED) investment option is how an account owner can select a certain portfolio, invest regularly and then, essentially, let the option do its thing. Read more.

Underlying fund expenses change for 8 Customized offerings

Several funds that correspond with the my529 single-fund portfolios offered in the Customized investment options have updated their underlying fund expenses.  Read more.

Extra credit: Tax benefit limits raised

Utah has raised the maximum my529 contribution amounts eligible for a state tax credit. Read more.