my529’s investment manager series: Dimensional Fund Advisors

my529 has been offering select funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) since 2013.

my529 offers eight underlying DFA funds in our Customized Age-based and Customized Static investment options. The availability of these funds provides financial advisors and account owners additional diversification opportunities outside of the offered Vanguard and PIMCO funds.

About 4% of my529’s assets under management (AUM) are invested in DFA funds. The funds are popular with financial advisors who are registered in our limited power of attorney platform. Advisors have invested 61% of the assets they manage in the DFA funds.

DFA manages $677 billion for investors worldwide and offers investment solutions across asset classes, including global equities, fixed income, and real estate investment trusts. Dimensional funds are considered quasi-active in terms of fund management (not totally active since they follow indexes but managers have discretion on how they invest relative to an index)—with the focus on small cap and value characteristics.

To learn more about DFA funds, or the other underlying investment available at my529, please visit our website at: