What forms are DocuSign-eligible? (FAN Winter 2023)

DocuSign can be an efficient way to submit forms to my529 on your client’s behalf. While many of the forms at my529 are eligible for DocuSign, not all are currently accepted. To make this process easier for you and your clients, we have added a DocuSign symbol on forms that are eligible for DocuSign. On the bottom right-hand side of the form, you will now see a “DS” symbol indicating that the form may be submitted using the DocuSign process.

For more information regarding our DocuSign process, and its limitations, please refer to the DocuSign guide.

As you are preparing to submit paperwork for your clients to open new accounts or complete year-end gifting, don’t forget to utilize DocuSign as a digital option. 

For additional questions about how to utilize DocuSign in your practice, please contact the my529 Professional Services Team by calling 888.529.1886 or by emailing advisorinfo@