Underlying fund expenses change for several Customized offerings (FAN Spring 2023)

Several underlying funds available in my529’s Customized investment options have updated underlying fund expenses, following announcements from Vanguard Group Inc. and Dimensional Fund Advisors. The changes were effective February 28, 2023.

Any differences in fund expenses are reflected in the cost of the respective my529 single-fund portfolios.

Two funds have increased costs. Vanguard raised the underlying fund expense of its International Value Fund (VTRIX) from 0.36% to 0.38%, or $3.80 per $1,000 invested annually. VTRIX corresponds to the my529 International Value single-fund portfolio (UTVJX). Dimensional increased the underlying fund expense for Global Allocation 25/75 Portfolio (DGTSX) from 0.23% to 0.25%, or $2.50 per $1,000 invested annually. This Dimensional fund comprises the my529 Global Allocation 25/75 portfolio (UTDCX).

At the same time, Dimensional lowered the underlying fund expenses for six of their funds.

As a reminder, clients invested in the Customized options do not own the underlying Vanguard and Dimensional funds. They own units of my529 single-fund portfolios that correspond to the underlying funds.

my529 has notified account owners invested in portfolios where the expenses increased (UTVJX and UTDCX) by email or letter. The changes have been published at https://my529.org/investment-options/underlying-investments/.

Take a moment to review your customized templates to determine which clients are invested in these funds. To do so, log in to the advisor portal and click on the template section in the left menu. You will find a list of active templates and can view the accounts currently invested. my529 has updated the underlying fund expenses within the online templates. Be advised that if you submit paper forms with a template, you must print the latest templates.

See the changes in the accompanying table. More information can be found on our website. Check out https://my529.org/investment-options/fees-and-expenses/ for details.

Should you have any questions, please contact my529’s Professional Service Team at 888.529.1886 or email advisorinfo@my529.org.

Underlying fundmy529 Single-Fund PortfoliosNewPreviousChange
Vanguard International Value Fund (VTRIX)my529 International Value UTVJX0.38%0.36%0.02%
DFA U.S. Large Cap Value Portfolio (DFLVX)my529 US Large Cap Value UTDLX0.21%0.22%-0.01%
DFA International Value Portfolio (DFIVX)my529 International Value Factor UTDIX0.28%0.29%-0.01%
DFA One-Year Fixed Income Portfolio (DFIHX)my529 One-Year Fixed Income UTDOX0.12%0.13%-0.01%
DFA Five-Year Global Fixed Income Portfolio (DFGBX)my529 Five-Year Global Fixed Income UTDFX0.20%0.24%-0.04%
DFA Global Allocation 60/40 Portfolio (DGSIX)my529 Global Allocation 60/40 UTDBX0.24%0.25%-0.01%
DFA Global Allocation 25/75 Portfolio (DGTSX)my529 Global Allocation 25/75 UTDCX0.25%0.23%0.02%
DFA US Sustainability Core 1 Portfolio (DFSIX)my529 US Sustainability UTDUX0.17%0.18%-0.01%