Engage with clients through the my529 Gift Program (FAN Spring 2023)

College savings is a timely topic when discussing financial issues with your clients. An easy way to promote college savings is to introduce them to the my529 Gift Program. The gifting platform allows my529 account owners to receive contributions securely from family and friends.

As an advisor, you can set up gifting for you clients if you have LPOA level 2 or 3 access. You can activate your client’s gifting option through your advisor access. Once you have toggled on this option for your clients, they will receive a confirmation email notifying them of the code. Your clients will also be able to customize or personalize their code by uploading a picture or writing an update about their child. Clients can then distribute the code to others via email or social media. This is a great gift-giving alternative to encourage friends and family to contribute to a my529 account. 

my529 can send you one of our gift guides—for advisors and for account owners. Email us at advisorinfo@my529.org, and we will provide you with the gift guides. The account owner guide can serve as a resource in your next client meeting to discuss this program. You can view more information regarding the Gift Program at my529.org/how-to-save/give-a-gift/.