You asked, we answered. Questions from our account owners.

my529 recently received feedback from surveys on account owner experience. We want to thank all who took the time to help us know how we can serve you better.

Account owners had varied comments and questions that we hope to answer in our newsletters. Read below about the number of investment option changes allowed and sending electronic payments to the beneficiary’s school.

Investment option changes

Several account owners asked why only two investment option changes are allowed per year.

my529 does not control the number of investment option changes account owners can make. Congress has set the number of annual investment option changes by statute, and my529 is required to adhere to that statute.

Something my529 does have control over are the investment options we offer—a variety from which account owners can select.

If you wish to make an investment option change, you can do so at or by submitting an Investment Option Change form (Form 405), which can be downloaded online.

To learn about investment option changes, read Part 7 (Investment Information) of the my529 Program Description.