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Gather necessary documentation

Have the following on hand before you open an account:

  • Account Owner. Social Security Number/Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Social Security Number/Taxpayer Identification Number, birthdate, and physical address.
  • Successor Account Owner (optional). Social Security Number/Taxpayer Identification Number and birthdate.
  • Contributions (optional). Account and routing numbers for your bank or credit union.

Read the Program Description and open an account

If you are opening an investment account, please read the Program Description to understand the risks associated with investing in my529.

Choose an investment strategy

my529 has a variety of investment options—Enrollment Date, Static and Customized. Underlying funds include offerings from Vanguard, Dimensional, PIMCO, and FDIC-insured accounts.

Make a Contribution

You can contribute to your my529 account in several different ways.

  • Online through my529
  • Online through your bank or credit union
  • Bill Pay
  • Payroll Conrtibution
  • Gift
  • Rollover

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