Early, automated, small amounts—pick your savings strategies

For parents with young children, thinking about higher education much beyond opening a 529 account may feel daunting. After all, your focus might be on setting your kids up for success with learning letters and numbers, less so the path after high school.

Why not make these formative years a time to plan for tomorrow as well as today? Consider a few strategies to optimize your savings efforts.

Start as early as you can

The earlier families begin investing for higher education, the more time the investment has the potential to grow.

Save small amounts regularly

Some parents might think the expenses of childhood might preclude saving for higher education, but whether the contribution is a little or a lot, even a few dollars toward your my529 account on a consistent basis can make a difference over time.

Automate your efforts

Make the effort of saving even easier by setting up automatic contributions. This way, you can rest assured that money continues to fund your account regularly over the years.

Get the kids involved

Teach savings principles to children as they contribute to their my529 account. When they earn an allowance or receive a monetary gift, have them earmark some of the money toward their account.

Celebrate with contributions

No matter the event, include a contribution to your beneficiary’s my529 account to mark the occasion, too. You can even request that family and friends offer gifts in this manner as well.

Gifts support goals

Invite family and friends to give gifts to your child via the my529 Gift Program. They can add a meaningful gift toward your child’s future higher education goals—without setting foot inside a crowded store.

It’s quick to set up, and even easier to use. Visit gift.my529.org to learn more.