President Obama Signs Bill to Add 529 College Savings Plan Benefits

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December 23, 2015

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President Obama Signs Bill to Add 529 College Savings Plan Benefits

Measure ends uncertainty over whether computers are a qualified higher education expense.

(Salt Lake City) A bill President Barack Obama signed December 18 makes 529 college savings plans more family-friendly by allowing a computer purchase to count as a qualified higher education expense for which account owners may withdraw money tax-free from a Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) or other 529 account.

Previously, a computer purchase qualified for favorable tax treatment only if an eligible higher education institution required a student to own a computer.

“This is a big improvement that enhances tax-advantaged 529 savings plans,” said Lynne Ward, executive director of UESP, Utah’s official and only 529 plan. “In an age when electronic devices are commonplace on campus, families should not have to wonder whether a computer purchase is an eligible expense.”

The bill also allows a 529 account owner to redeposit a withdrawal within 60 days without tax consequences if a college refunds money for a reason such as a beneficiary having to leave school due to illness.

In the past, the earnings portion of a refund was subject to federal and Utah state taxes and a 10 percent federal tax penalty.

“These changes provide additional flexibility and make it easier for account owners to use their UESP college savings accounts,” Ward said.

The bill also eliminates some unnecessary paperwork for 529 plan administrators, which may lead to lower operating expenses and keep account fees in check.

“Saving for college is a priority for American families. We thank Congress and President Obama for carrying out these commonsense reforms,” said Betty Lochner, chairwoman of the College Savings Plan Network (CSPN).

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