my529 gift box

Give the gift of education.

Whether achieving a secure job, a dream career or expanding the mind, higher education can pay off for a lifetime. Likewise, contributing to someone’s my529 account could be a gift that has a lasting impact.

my529’s Gift Program makes shopping easy.

How the my529 Gift Program works

For account owners

  • To enroll in the my529 Gift Program, log in to your my529 account at
  • Select Gift Program to activate your gift page.
  • A link to a personal gift page and a unique gift code will display on your computer screen.
  • Share the link and gift code with friends and family via email or social media. Or give them the code.
  • Once your friends and family have the link or the gift code, they can follow the instructions below to give their gift contribution.
  • You can view gifts made to your account online at in Account Access.

For friends and family

  • Click on the link sent to you by the account owner. It will take you to the account owner’s personal gift page to give a gift online.
  • Or you can go the my529 Gift Program website and enter the gift code to access the account owner’s personal gift page.
  • Or mail a check along with a gift contribution coupon that you print from the gift page. The gift code will be on the coupon.

A Utah taxpayer may not claim Utah state tax benefits for a contribution made to an account for which he or she is not the account owner.

More information is available in the Program Description and on the my529 Gift Program web page.

With college in the future, here's the perfect present.

Gift notices

If, on the other hand, you have the account owner’s information, including account number, and would prefer to send a check by mail to my529, you may use a my529 gift notice. Download a notice from the selection below. Detach the top portion and send it to my529 with your check contribution. Save the bottom certificate to present to the account beneficiary.

Gift Notices
New Baby

Holidays and Seasons