Prepare for college with the College Planning Center

Planning for your child’s higher education, but not sure where to start?

my529 partnered with Invite Education to provide its College Planning Center resources including financial calculators, test prep, a scholarship search engine, a link to the federal student aid application (FAFSA), and college application tools.

Watch the video to learn more about Invite Education resources.

Anyone can use the free College Savings Estimator. To access more resources, open a my529 account and create a College Planning Center profile.

College Savings Estimator

Check out the College Savings Estimator. Plug in your basic information: location, beneficiary’s grade, current savings, and monthly contribution. Then, select the college or average cost to determine your savings goal. You can explore multiple future possibilities by changing the variables.

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my529 account owners can set up a profile with Invite Education for free to access College Planning Center resources. Sign up here.

Not a my529 account owner? Open a my529 account—they’re free to open, require no minimum balance or contribution, and it just takes a few minutes to enroll after you read the Program Description. Learn more.


College Planning Center resources available to my529 account owners 

Family Financial Center

Use the Family Financial Center resources to plan for the cost of college. You can customize the calculator tool for your beneficiaries. Identify schools they are interested in and project possible financial scenarios, including the expected family contribution (EFC). It’s a great way to review your goals.

Student Aid Information

If you’re wondering about federal student aid requirements—and if the EFC could affect possible aid—you can find that here, too. Families can apply for the FAFSA and gather more information about different kinds of aid available.

Test Prep

Access online test preparation resources for entrance exams like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. You can even order test preparation books and receive 10 percent off from the Invite Education Bookstore.

Search Tools

Discover scholarships, vocational schools, colleges, and universities via Invite Education’s search engine.

Access Invite Education tools anytime, anywhere, on any device.