College savings with a bow on top

Birthdays aren’t the only opportunities to give a gift

Think about the many gifts exchanged every year between your family and friends. How much time does it take to find the perfect gift, only to learn it’s the wrong size or color, or that no one listens to CDs anymore?

Save everyone the struggle—and the embarrassing technology fail—and enroll in the my529 Gift Program, where family and friends can give the gift of education directly to your beneficiary’s account. It’s easy to sign up and a snap to contribute. A gift can help defray the cost of future higher educational expenses. You also can use my529 funds for K-12 tuition expenses at public, private, and religious schools. 

Here are five ways to utilize the my529 Gift Program:

  1. Birthdays. Ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to contribute to your child’s college education in lieu of gifts now. Let the beauty of tax-deferred compounding add more potential for growth over time.
  2. Baby showers. The new arrival can get in on the my529 account gifting, too. Mom, Dad, or another family member/friend age 18 or older can open an account as both the owner and the beneficiary. Once the baby is born and has a Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number, the account owner can name the newborn as the beneficiary.
  3. Allowance. Get your beneficiary involved in college savings. They can contribute a portion of their allowance to their my529 account. Consider it a gift to themselves. You can build a college-bound identity while teaching principles of financial literacy.
  4. Holidays and special occasions. The my529 Gift Program is perfect for holiday gifts, but other special days can also create gifting traditions. Give your grandkids a my529 valentine. Plant the seeds for college savings (along with a tree) on Arbor Day. And don’t forget family and community events. Aunt Martha might be rusty at pirouettes, but she can attend your child’s ballet recital and contribute toward a degree that may or may not involve choreography.
  5. Graduations and milestones. No matter the milestone, whether it’s a Pre-K promotion, a new driver’s license, or a bar mitzvah, the my529 Gift Program can be a vehicle for family and friends to show their love for your beneficiary while supporting their future.

Visit to find more information and learn about other options like gift notices.

Gift Program Step-by-Step

Enroll in the my529 Gift Program in just a few minutes.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Activate a personal gift page by selecting Gift Program. Click “enable gifting” for your gift page link and a unique gift code.
  3. Share the link and gift code with friends and family via word-of-mouth, email, or social media.
  4. They can use the code to contribute to your my529 account.