A passport to global education

You can use my529 funds at eligible educational institutions abroad

Ask anyone who has gone away to college—attending school far from home creates opportunities beyond the classroom. Explore a new city and form lasting friendships, all while earning a degree.

But how about a different part of the globe? A semester abroad can be meaningful, or you could consider enrolling full time in a college or university in another country. Connect with a different culture, and you may find that this path opens doors you never expected.

my529 funds can also be used for qualified higher education expenses at eligible educational institutions outside the United States. To locate potential schools, search the quarterly U.S. Department of Education list of eligible educational institutions that are qualified to participate in federal student aid programs.*

Here are seven college destinations that may not be on your radar.

IRELAND—Discover your Irish roots—or set down new ones—at universities in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick or Belfast.

AUSTRALIA—Say “G’day” to an Australian university in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or Brisbane, as well as many other institutions throughout the country. If you’ve ever wanted to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, traverse the Outback or visit the famed Sydney Opera House, you’re on the right continent.**

ISRAEL—If Israel is more your style, try The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, or the University of Haifa. Learn more about the political history of the region, the challenges it faces today, and how the ancient and modern intersect to create a vibrant, thriving culture. Study technology in Tel Aviv, diplomacy in Haifa or ancient Near East studies in Jerusalem.

CANADA—If you prefer to stay in North America, look to a wealth of Canadian university offerings spanning the country in provinces from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Practice your French in Montreal, take in Toronto’s metropolitan skyline or enjoy proximity to world-class skiing near Vancouver.**

WESTERN EUROPE and UK— Figure out why Scandinavians are so happy in Sweden and Denmark and learn to embrace hygge like the Danes. Put high school language classes to work in Germany, France, Italy or Spain. If you’re worried that your language skills won’t impress the locals—or you’re not sure about trial by immersion—think about England, Scotland or Wales.

SAND and SURF—Feeling beachy? Study medicine or veterinary medicine in the Caribbean at St. George’s University in Grenada. Other universities with nearby beaches include Costa Rica; Cape Town, South Africa; Greece; or the Dominican Republic.

BUSINESS—Get a global perspective by studying business in London, Copenhagen, Barcelona or Amsterdam. Focus on management in Berlin, finance in Frankfurt or international relations in Paris.

Higher education is about broadening horizons. Time abroad, whether a semester or a degree, can certainly contribute to a new perspective. And your my529 account can help cover some of your expenses once you get there.

*The applicant is responsible for determining a school’s eligibility, as it is subject to change.

** Snorkeling, skiing and other activities mentioned are not qualified higher education expenses so withdrawals for these expenses won’t be covered by 529 funds; however, you may still participate in these activities while attending school abroad. Qualified higher education expenses include tuition, mandatory fees, room and board and other supplies. Transportation expenses are not qualified higher education expenses even when travelling abroad. For a complete list, see the Program Description.