A Gift with Lasting Impact

Some toys are short-lived. A contribution to a UESP account can bolster a dream of a lifetime.

The holiday season is almost here, with many people braving the weather, the crowds, or the internet for the latest must-have toy. After all of the effort, some might wonder about the shelf life of the toy, and whether the battle scars of shopping will deliver a gift with lasting impact.

When you give a child a toy for a birthday or a holiday, it begins depreciating in value immediately—and the child’s interest level may also decline.

Instead, if you give a child money toward their Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) 529 college savings account, that gift may appreciate in value over time. In the long term, your gift is an investment for their future education and career.

A 529 account with UESP receives federal tax advantages—
tax-deferred earnings and tax-free withdrawals for qualified higher education expenses like tuition, mandatory fees, and certain room and board costs.

“Rather than material gifts like toys or trips, we like to get people to contribute [to our children’s UESP accounts]. It pulls double duty—it eliminates material items and bolsters college educational accounts,” said account owner Mike S., of Colorado, about why he uses the UESP Gift Program.

Simplify holiday shopping for family and friends this season by asking them to contribute instead to your beneficiary’s UESP account through the UESP Gift Program.

And the UESP Gift Program doesn’t have to be just for holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah—you can utilize the gifting feature for birthdays, religious holidays or ceremonies, graduations, or other special occasions.

See gift.my529.org for more information.

Contributions through the Gift Program have “a very important, meaningful impact ultimately on our children’s future life and education. Combined with low cost expenses with UESP, [the Gift Program is] a no-brainer. It’s one of the least complicated aspects of our life,” Mike S. said.

Gift Program Step-by-Step

Enroll in the UESP Gift Program with a few simple steps—it takes just a couple of minutes.

  1. Log in to your account at my529.org.
  2. Activate a personal gift page by selecting Gift Program. Click “enable gifting” for your gift page link and a unique gift code.
  3. Share the link and gift code with friends and family via word-of-mouth, email, or social media.