A Gift with Lasting Impact

Give a child money toward their Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) 529 college savings account, and that gift may appreciate in value over time. In the long term, your gift is an investment for their future education and career.

Unused 529 Funds? Here Are Your Options

You’ve saved money for years, your children have graduated from college, and now you have unused funds in 529 accounts. What are your options?
You have a few options that don’t involve taking a taxable nonqualified withdrawal and incurring an additional tax penalty.

How to Make an Investment Option Change

Account owners are allowed to change investment options twice per calendar year for the same beneficiary.

The Perils of Raiding a College Savings Account

While college savings plan balances continue to reach year-over-year highs, some parents are unwisely dipping into their accounts to cover debts or pay for other discretionary expenses such as vacations and weddings.

View Account Data on the UESP Dashboard

Want a data-based breakdown of your UESP account(s)? Visit the Dashboard and have a glance beyond the balance.

2017 Year-End Deadlines

Remember the following dates so your UESP contributions can count for the 2017 tax year.

Utah State Tax Benefits Information

Utah taxpayers, depending on their tax-filing status, can claim a 5 percent tax credit/deduction per qualified beneficiary for contributions to their UESP account up to a certain limit.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through September 30, 2017, are now available for viewing.

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