Fill your shopping cart—and your 529

Why not add a few bucks to your my529 account while you are out shopping?

Early, automated, small amounts—pick your savings strategies

For parents with young children, thinking about higher education much beyond opening a 529 account may feel daunting. Consider a few strategies to optimize your savings efforts.

Calculate future scenarios with the College Savings Estimator

The free College Savings Estimator at can help lessen some of the guesswork as you plan for what’s ahead.

One mom’s experience with preparing for college

“It will go by fast,” said every mom I encountered while dragging around my two toddler-aged children. Those moms were right. I wasn’t really thinking of how quickly we would arrive at this destination eight years ago when I opened my529 college savings accounts for my children.

You asked, we answered. Questions from our account owners.

my529 recently received feedback from surveys on account owner experience.

Scholarship opportunities are available for Utah students

Two my529 college savings scholarship opportunities are available for Utah students to consider.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through June 30, 2022, are now available for viewing.

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