New Enrollment Date options focus on when your beneficiary goes to school

On July 14, my529 introduced three enhancements to our plan.

A major dilemma: What should I study?

Your college major may be a clear choice or something you had not considered or even realized existed.

my529 at 25: Putting beneficiaries on the map

A sampling of the higher education institutions where my529 beneficiaries are enrolled.

Two scholarship opportunities for Utah students

As summer continues and you begin to think about returning to school and saving for higher education, keep in mind two my529 college savings scholarship opportunities.

Review your account balance

If you think the balances shown on your June 30, 2021, my529 quarterly account statement are incorrect, please contact our auditors promptly.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through June 30, 2021, are now available for viewing.

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