Safeguard sensitive information

Protect your account by keeping your email secure.

As an account owner, you have entrusted my529 with sensitive information. my529 takes seriously the trust and responsibility to protect this information, and vigilantly works to do so.

Scammers target many types of online accounts, and that may include your my529 account. While my529 works to thwart the theft of your information, you can put your own safeguards in place.

How scammers attack

Phishing is the most common method employed to get your information. A phishing scam is an email that appears to be from a legitimate entity trying to get an individual to disclose personal information, including passwords, or my529 account or checking account numbers.

It is important to protect the email address associated with your my529 account.

How can you prevent phishing attempts?

A few tips:

  • Create hard-to-guess passwords.
  • Use different passwords for every account you have, e.g., don’t make your email
    and bank account passwords the same. Don’t make your my529 Account Access password the same as any other password, including your email or any other account. Many accounts are hacked because they had the same password.
  • Never share password or account information.
  • When creating account security questions, make them very hard for anyone to guess
    or learn, including your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts.

You also can look for some telltale signs of phishing:

Phishing emails often, but not always, have a poor appearance, or unusual or incorrect word choices, as well as poor grammar. Such emails also usually have some element of urgency, requiring you to act fast.

If a questionable email contains a link, hovering over it with your mouse will reveal the true destination page, regardless of what the hyperlink text says. If you are on a smartphone and an email seems suspicious, don’t click on the link.

Also, pay attention to any notifications, emails, or letters from your financial institutions, as they may contain information about account changes or activity.

Report suspicious activity

If you believe or are concerned that your my529 account has been compromised, reset your my529 account password if possible and your email password as well, as a precaution. Contact my529 immediately to report the issue.