my529 will release new Program Description in August

my529 will publish a revised version of the Program Description in mid-August, with updated information account owners need to know about participating in the my529 program.

The newest Program Description replaces the July 14, 2017, Program Description and the February 5, 2018, Supplement.

Highlights of the latest Program Description include:

  • A refreshed design giving the document a friendly look across all sections
  • Adding the PIMCO Interest Income Fund into the underlying investments available to the predetermined Age-Based investment options and the Customized Age-Based and the Customized Static investment options
  • Information about K-12 tuition expenses as qualified higher education expenses
  • Adding ABLE accounts for the same beneficiary as a permitted rollover destination from my529 account balances through December 31, 2025

my529 fully revises the Program Description every 12 to 18 months to inform account owners of any changes to the program. You will receive a copy of the document by mail around August 17, 2018. It will also be available online at