Helpful Tips

Things to know regarding your UESP account.

Student Loans Are Not Qualified Withdrawals

Student loan repayment does not count as a qualified higher education expense, so any 529 funds used for repayment will be considered a nonqualified withdrawal and subject to applicable taxes and tax penalties.

Qualified higher education expenses include tuition and mandatory fees; required books, supplies, and equipment; computers, internet services, and related software; and certain room and board costs. See the Program Description or call 800.418.2551 for more details.

Account Beneficiary Name Match

The account beneficiary’s listed name will be the name on any withdrawal checks sent to eligible educational institutions. Please make sure your beneficiary’s name matches the one registered at the college to avoid any confusion or incorrect payment. Use Form 510, Beneficiary Change/Correction, if you need to make changes.

Up-to-Date Contact Info

It is important to keep your UESP account information current. Visit Account Access to update your address, email, phone number(s) and other contact information so you receive new communication from our offices.