How Scholarships Impact Your UESP Account

Your graduating high school senior has received
a scholarship that will pay for most of his or her
higher education. What does it mean for your
college savings?

Fees Drop

The Vanguard Group has lowered the Operating Expense Ratio on eight mutual funds that are
included in 10 UESP investment options.

Investment Option Performance

UESP’s Asset Fees Explained

UESP’s fee structure and low costs are key reasons Utah’s fast-growing 529 plan is popular with families saving for higher education.

Statement Errors?

If you think the balances shown on your UESP account statement are incorrect, please contact our auditors promptly.

Getting a Campus Job

College brings academic demands and social stress to the lives of students. Should you add a job to the mix?

UESP Sets Itself Apart

Innovation is a hallmark of the Utah Educational Savings Plan’s 20 years of helping families save for college.

How to Make Withdrawals

If your high school graduate will be off to college in the fall, you may want to know how to withdraw funds from your Utah Educational Savings Plan account to pay for college expenses.

Helpful Tips

Student loan repayment is not a qualified expense. Make sure your beneficiary’s name matches the name on record at college. Keep UESP account information current.

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