Find out scholarship deadlines

While my529 encourages investing for future higher education costs, it is equally beneficial to seek and apply for scholarships to help ease the college financial burden.

Two important questions to ask regarding scholarships are: (1) What scholarships are available? (2) When is the scholarship application deadline?

It’s still important to have a my529 account in place for costs not covered by the scholarship such as books, special fees, computers and internet provider fees. Scholarships may be offered from a variety of sources. Community organizations, nonprofits, corporations, employers and colleges and universities themselves could have scholarships available. Prospective college students can inquire to these different places to find scholarships for which they qualify.

The official U.S. Federal Student Aid website,, recommends sources and more on its website. It also notes that the varied available scholarships will have different deadlines and requirements, so it is best to check with each source or organization to find specific information.

my529 account owners have free access to Invite Education’s online College Planning Center, which features a scholarship search engine and application deadlines.

Another online source,, offers a free scholarship search as well as directories on different types of scholarships, e.g., scholarships for women, first in a family to attend college, LGBTQ students and veterans to name a few.

The website also has a page with scholarships organized by the month of their deadlines. The list is currently updated through October 2020.