Contribute your state tax refund to my529 online

my529 account owners have the option of contributing all or a portion of their Utah state income tax refunds to their my529 accounts. And technology provides an avenue to make it more convenient.

Whether through free services or commercial software and online products, you can contribute your refund to your account when you file your state taxes electronically.

The Utah State Tax Commission annually communicates specific Utah tax information to online services so that all options for Utah taxpayer residents are available, including contributing the refund to a my529 account.

When you file your Utah state taxes electronically, before you complete the filing, you will see the option to contribute an amount of your refund to your my529 account(s).

Visit for information on how to file electronically, as well as links to free and commercial online and software services.

The electronic filing method offers an easy and convenient reminder and channel to make this kind of contribution. Also, the refund you contribute could ultimately come back to you in the form of a tax credit if you remain a Utah taxpayer for the 2020 tax year.