College planning tools coming soon to

Your child’s higher education could be years away or within sight. Starting in February 2019, my529 is pleased to offer new college preparation tools through Invite Education to help you explore your options.

A free College Savings Estimator will be available at Start by entering a few details—beneficiary’s grade, hometown, current savings, monthly contribution, and type of college or technical school they want to attend. To determine your results, highlight a college or average cost and decide on a savings goal. Change the variables to look at different scenarios. You do not need to own a my529 account to use the estimator.

For a deeper dive, my529 account owners will be able to log in to Account Access and set up a free Invite Education College Planning Center profile. The College Planning Center at Invite Education’s website has comprehensive resources that include financial calculators, test prep, a scholarship search engine, a link to the federal student aid application (FAFSA), and college application tools. Account owners can use the profile to customize and save information about their beneficiaries to plan for upcoming college costs, entrance exams, and scholarship and financial aid deadlines.

Invite Education is a third-party site. The content of that site is for informational purposes only. my529 is not responsible for and has no control over the content of the Invite Education website. Any information you enter within the Invite Education portal is neither stored by nor protected by my529.