529 Savings Plans Aren’t Just for College

When 529 plan advocates encourage saving for higher education, they usually mean saving for college or university expenses. Vocational schools often—maybe too often—get overlooked.

Morningstar Awards UESP Gold Rating for 2016

Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research, released annual ratings of 63 of the nation’s 529 college savings plans in late October 2016. UESP was one of only three to earn the Gold rating.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through December 31, 2016, are now available for viewing.

You Have More Than One Choice for Withdrawals

If you own more than one UESP account for the same beneficiary, you now have two choices for how you withdraw funds. You can take out funds proportionally, or choose one or more accounts for the withdrawal.

Saving Even Small Amounts in a UESP Account for College Makes Sense

Regular savings of even small amounts of money in a UESP account can make a vital difference by the time your student attends college or vocational school.

Maximum Aggregate Account Balance Limit Raised for 2017

UESP has raised the maximum aggregate account balance for a single beneficiary to $430,000. The new 2017 limit is a 2.9 percent increase from $418,000 in 2016.

Eight Students Win $1,000 Scholarships for Artwork

Eight students from across Utah each won a $1,000 UESP college savings scholarship account for their unique bookmark designs in the 2016 “Make Your Mark” bookmark contest.

Utah State Taxpayers Can Now Contribute a Partial Refund to a UESP Account

Beginning in the 2016 tax year, Utah taxpayers have the option to decide how much of their state income tax refund they would like to contribute to their UESP account(s)—whether “some or all.”

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