Two-factor security added to accounts

Providing the highest levels of security for our account owners is a priority at my529. That’s why my529 rolled out enhanced online security known as two-factor authentication (2FA) this month.

2FA has become the industry standard for financial institutions, requiring two separate verification methods, such as a password and one-time security code, to confirm the identity of the account owner.

If you haven’t yet registered your my529 account for 2FA, here’s how:

  1. Sign in to my529.
  2. When prompted, enter a phone number to register. You can use a landline or mobile phone.
  3. Select your preferred verification method: text, phone call, Authy™ Authenticator or other third-party authenticator application.
  4. Use 2FA to confirm your identity using a code sent by one of the options listed above.

Once registered, you can enable the 2FA system to recognize your device for six months by clicking “remember this device.” During that time, you will not be asked for 2FA authorization.

Certain account actions, like withdrawals, will always require passing 2FA.

Account owners must register for 2FA in order to access their accounts online.

If you choose not to register with 2FA, you can manage your account(s) and make transactions by mail. Forms are available at or by request at 800.418.2551. Contact my529 by phone to set your communications preferences for mail delivery.

If you have questions, refer to the FAQ, call my529 at 800.418.2551 or email