More power for 529 funds

The SECURE Act, signed into law on December 20, 2019, expands qualified higher education expenses to include repayment of qualified education loans.

Two-factor security added to accounts

Providing the highest levels of security for our account owners is a priority at my529.

A valuable benefit for employers and employees

When employers make positive shifts to offer financial wellness programs in the workplace, employees take note.

Operating Expense Ratios reduced for nine funds

The Operating Expense Ratios have decreased for nine underlying funds used in my529’s investment options.

Family fun with financial literacy

Just like teaching children to read, it’s good to get kids off to an early start with financial literacy.

Does Uncle Sam owe you a refund? Consider a contribution to your my529 account

Consider dropping all or some of your income tax refund in your my529 account.

Contribution limits increase for Utah income tax credit or deduction

The amount that Utah taxpayers can contribute to their my529 accounts that qualifies for a 5% Utah state income tax credit or deduction has increased for tax year 2020.

Use my529 funds for online education, recontributing refunds

Most higher education institutions have moved temporarily online, but my529 funds can still support your beneficiary’s higher education experiences.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through March 31, 2019, are now available for viewing.

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