You can study that in college?

Interested in nontraditional courses of study? Here are several unconventional majors that may be appealing. And you can use your my529 account to pay the bills.

Expense ratios change for two underlying funds

The Operating Expense Ratios have changed for two underlying funds used in my529’s customized options.

529 Day: Celebrate educational savings and review investment goals

Many states celebrate May 29 as 529 Day to raise awareness of how 529 plans can help families prepare for higher education. Utah residents, check out our 529 Day promotion.

Total account balance limit rises to $446K

The limit of $446,000 represents the maximum estimated qualified higher education expenses of an undergraduate and graduate degree, including room and board.

Check state laws before K-12 tuition withdrawals

The 2017 federal tax reform authorized the use of 529 funds for K-12 tuition expenses. But not every state is legally equipped for the change.

Help wanted? Get your summer job search started

We’re a few weeks into spring, and it’s a good time to think about summer jobs.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through March 31, 2018, are now available for viewing.

2018 contribution limits increase for Utah tax credit or deduction

The maximum amount that Utah taxpayers can contribute to their my529 accounts that qualifies for a 5 percent Utah state income tax credit or deduction was raised for tax year 2018.

Give your grad a gift toward college

Graduation season is coming up and we have the perfect gift for you to consider.

Big money for bookworms

Book Your Summer is a partnership between my529 and the Utah State Library to champion summer reading while promoting college savings.

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