UESP Gives You Many Ways to Contribute to Your Account

As 2017 shifts into a higher gear, now is a good time to review how you contribute to your UESP account. There are more—and more convenient—methods to save than mailing a check to UESP.

One-Time Electronic Contribution. You can set up a one-time electronic contribution to your UESP account from your bank or credit union account.

Set up a one-time contribution online by logging in to your account at my529.org and supplying the required information. You also can submit the One-Time or Recurring Electronic Contributions Authorization/Change form (form 200), available to print at my529.org. Attach a voided check or preprinted savings withdrawal slip with preprinted account and routing numbers to the form.

Recurring Electronic Contribution. Set up recurring contributions in the same way by logging in to your account or submitting form 200.

Gift Program. Friends and family members can show their support of your beneficiary’s education by making gift contributions to your UESP account.

Enroll in the UESP Gift Program by logging in to your account at my529.org. Click Gift Program, then select Enable Gifting. A link to your personal gift page and your unique gift code will appear on your screen. Create a personalized message in the message field. Then share your link with friends and family by email and social media. Anyone can make a gift by clicking on the link and following the instructions.

Special Occasion Electronic Contribution. Celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other event in the life of your beneficiary by establishing an annual special occasion contribution.

Each year on the day or days you choose, the predetermined amount you set will be withdrawn automatically from your bank or credit union account and electronically contributed to your UESP account. So you don’t forget, UESP will send you a reminder email one week before the scheduled withdrawal day.

Log in to your account online at my529.org to set up a special occasion contribution.

Payroll Contribution. You can make regular electronic contributions to your UESP account(s) by payroll contribution if your employer allows transfers of a portion of your pay through direct deposit.

Log in to your account at my529.org to sign up for payroll contribution with after-tax dollars. Enter your employer’s name, amount to be contributed each pay period, and the dollar amount or percentage of your contribution to go to each account.

Online Bill Pay. UESP accepts contributions from your financial institution’s online bill-pay service.

Establish online bill-pay contributions by signing in to your financial institution’s website. If you have more than one UESP account, set up each account as a separate online bill payment. Be sure to put your UESP account number in the payee account field and your beneficiary’s name in the payment description or memo field.

Utah State Income Tax Return. Are you a Utah taxpayer? If you are, you may contribute all or part of your Utah state income tax return to your account. Your refund will be applied equally among all accounts owned by you, and, if filing jointly, your spouse.

To send all or a portion of your tax refund to UESP, mark the appropriate option on the back page of your Utah state income tax form when you fill out your return.

Wire Transfers from Your Financial Institution. You can also contribute to your account by initiating a wire transfer at your bank or credit union.

In addition, if you have an account at another 529 plan, you can roll over the balance to your UESP account.

And of course, you can always mail a check to UESP to make your contribution.

For more information about making contributions, visit my529.org, call UESP toll-free at 800.418.2551, or email info@my529.org or read the Program Description.