Discover Summer Job Opportunities; Make a Splash for Your Future Career

Summer is just around the corner, and high school and college students will seek employment during their time off from school.

Whether it’s for work experience, extra spending cash, or longer-term goals, students will trade desks and libraries for ice cream stands and lifeguard chairs—or the great outdoors.

Katie L., a student at Seattle Pacific University, has had an adventurous time with her summer job.

The past two summers, she has worked for a river rafting company based in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Katie spent 25 hours a week as a shuttle driver and a reservations agent, plus 20 hours a week at an internship.

Katie’s goal is to work as a designer or photographer in the outdoor industry. Her summer work provides much more to that end than just placing her in one of the most naturally scenic areas of the country.

“Working and saving during the summer has allowed me to take necessary unpaid internships in order to build the connections I need to find a job,” she said. During the school year, Katie is a student full time and typically has an unpaid internship that takes up 15 to 20 hours of her week.

Katie’s job provided free housing, so aside from monthly expenses like groceries and gas, she put most of her earnings into savings.

“I want to focus on my schoolwork and building a network for post-graduation,” she said. “(My job) has taught me the importance of saving and thinking long term when it comes to expenses.”