A Head Start for Sage

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A Head Start for Sage


College savings is a team effort for Sage’s family of Evanston, Illinois. Sage, 9, has been a UESP account beneficiary since before he could crawl. And today he’s running with it.

Sage “had an account with UESP as soon as I was able to get his Social Security number after his birth and get the application in,” said Cam D., Sage’s dad.

Now that he’s older, Sage is taking his college savings seriously, signing a contract with his dad and mom, Katelyn V., that “25 percent of all his earnings over $10 will be his contribution to his college fund,” Cam said. “This has been our way of helping Sage take ownership over his participation and his future.”

Sage has taken ownership in a big way. UESP received a letter and contribution from Sage in March detailing the yard work he did over two weekends with his grandfather Drury D., saying he wanted “part of what I earned to go to my college savings for my future.” His grandparents have also contributed gifts to his UESP account.

And what’s in the future for Sage? “I want to go to Northwestern University or the University of Kentucky … because they’re near my family and because they’re good schools, which will help me learn the most,” he said.