The Real Cost of College

Because of grants and scholarships, the net price of college tuition on average may be less than half as much as the sticker price, according to the College Board

Grandparents and 529s

Grandparents who have accounts with UESP say they value the benefits their accounts offer and want to make the most of the money they have saved.

Investment Option Performance

A Head Start for Sage

Sage, 9, has been a UESP account beneficiary since before he could crawl. And today he’s running with it.

Be College Smart-10 Tips for the Student

Anticipating the next phase of your education can be exciting, but there is much more to consider beyond academics.

UESP Grows Into the 21st Century

Key to understanding why UESP has grown to a size that proponents of a Utah 529 plan never envisioned in 1996 is the favorable response to UESP initiatives and innovations by investment experts and consumer writers.

Education is the Best Gift

As graduation season approaches, you may wonder how you’ll pay for your child’s college education. Consider rallying friends and family to contribute now to your child’s UESP account through the Gift Program.

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