Plan for college with online tools

Calculators, college and scholarship search engines can be accessed through your my529 account

You’re investing for the future but may not be sure how much you need to save.

To help take some of the guesswork out, my529 now offers college planning tools for account owners and their families.

Try the College Savings Estimator and College Planning Center, powered by Invite Education, found at

Invite Education works to empower families with information about how to save, plan and pay for higher education.

College Savings Estimator

The College Savings Estimator, a financial calculator, can help you assess your savings goals. It’s easy to use—just plug in different savings variables and estimate what you might want to save based on what type of school your beneficiary would like to attend—public, private, university, college or technical school. If your beneficiaries are considering several colleges or technical schools, you can search a range of possibilities.

The free College Savings Estimator is available to everyone who visits Share the link with friends and family who may be interested in college planning tools. It is not necessary to own a my529 account to participate.

College Planning Center

my529 account owners can take advantage of expanded, comprehensive resources through Invite Education’s College Planning Center.

Once you set up an account in the College Planning Center, you can utilize:

  • Customized calculator tools
  • College search engines
  • Scholarship search engines
  • Planning calendars
  • College application tools
  • Links to test preparation materials
  • Links to federal student aid information

Log in to the College Planning Center through my529 Account Access or directly via Invite Education.

Within the platform, you can customize and save information about your beneficiaries to plan for upcoming higher education expenses. You also can explore different scenarios. Do your beneficiaries want to go to college in state or out of state? Maybe they are more interested in a trade or technical school. Wondering how to figure in room and board versus living at home, as well as funds for books and supplies? You can look at that, too.

Remember, as you use these resources, keep your goals, risk tolerance and timeline in mind.

my529 does not transmit or share information with Invite Education. Invite Education is a third party. my529 is not responsible for and has no control over the content of the third-party website.