Make easy, convenient online withdrawals

Take measures now to ensure efficient and convenient electronic withdrawals from your my529 account.

Coming this fall …

When you log in to your my529 account this fall, you will be in for a different experience.

Glossary – Signature guarantee

A signature guarantee is a stamped or typed assurance by a financial institution that indicates a signature is valid.

COVID-19 refund? Learn the basics of recontributing to your my529 account

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you or your beneficiary may have received a refund for tuition, fees, room and board or other qualified higher education expenses.

Plan for college with online tools

Try the College Savings Estimator and College Planning Center, powered by Invite Education, found at

Find opportunities for scholarships through my529, other groups

my529 is proud to be associated with several upcoming scholarship opportunities for students.

Review your account balance

If you think the balances shown on your June 30, 2020, my529 quarterly account statement are incorrect, please contact our auditors promptly.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through June 30, 2020, are now available for viewing.

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