Reaching a milestone

my529’s origin story is the stuff of movies, involving a kid with a vision for something better and the courage to see it through.

my529 earns Morningstar’s top rating

For the 10th straight year, my529 has been singled out as one of the premier 529 educational savings plans by a leading industry analyst.

2020 Make Your Mark winners

my529 presented each of eight Utah students a $1,000 scholarship in the 2020 annual Make Your Mark bookmark contest.


my529 accounts have a maximum aggregate account balance limit. Learn what that means.

Investment Option Performance

Performance returns through December 31, 2020, are now available for viewing.

Contribute your Utah tax refund to your account

Utah taxpayers can provide a boost to their my529 accounts via their state income tax refund.

Tax documents will arrive this month

my529 will send you forms related to transactions you made in your my529 account that may help you prepare your 2020 tax returns.

Small ways to save money

While we live day to day and don’t always know what will come next, families have had to get a little creative on how they save their money.

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