my529’s CSA suite makes it easier to manage accounts

Your organization helps children strive toward their educational goals by investing in children’s savings accounts. On our end, my529’s online features make it easy for you to administer accounts and keep track of important information.

The CSA suite, an online portal, lets administrators view details about their program and participants and perform certain transactions.

In the suite, administrators can find a list of all accounts in the program, as well as balances and demographic information. You also can view reports including account details, transactions and contribution schedules.

A new feature in the CSA suite allows a CSA administrator to set up transfers from a CSA Master Account to Scholarship or Individual Accounts. This makes it easy to send funds to the account when the beneficiary reaches a milestone such as a birthday, visiting a college campus or taking an ACT prep course.

Be sure to take advantage of the technology available to help effectively administer your CSA program.