September is National College Savings Month. my529 invites you to join us in celebrating and learning the importance of saving for higher education. Learn more

Saving for college

Saving is better than borrowing 

Starting early and saving for college now means less debt in the future. Learn more

Learn some strategies for saving.

Tax advantages

Several tax benefits allow your investment to potentially grow faster. Learn more

Never too early to start saving

Read one parent’s experience with saving for college.

Where and how can you use funds?

Use funds for tuition, room and board, computers, internet access, and other qualified education expenses.

Technical and trade schools, as well as registered apprenticeships, are also eligible for use of 529 funds. Learn more

Not just Utah schools

529 funds can be used at any eligible educational institution in the United States or abroad that participates in federal student aid programs. That opens a literal world of possibilities.

Why choose my529?

my529 has been helping families plan for higher education for 25 years. In fact, my529 has received Morningstar’s top rating for 11 years straight, earning the Analyst Rating™ of Gold in October 2021. Read about what that means for my529 account owners.

my529 is Utah’s official nonprofit 529 educational savings plan. Learn more

Low fees. my529 has some of the lowest fees in the 529 industry. Read more about our fee structure.

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More resources

College Savings Estimator. has a College Savings Estimator to help you plan ahead based on your child’s age and schools of interest.

Downloadable resources

Keys to Success

The Keys to Success program motivates junior high and high school students to unlock their future by connecting them with educational pathways, scholarships, and other opportunities. Students can take career and interest assessments to assist them as they map out their future. High School juniors and seniors can utilize the College Application Checklist feature to receive step-by-step navigation of the college application process.

Scholarship opportunities

Read about two scholarship opportunities that my529 offers to Utah students.