Invite Education—your college prep HQ

Search colleges, explore costs, find scholarships with free online tool

As a my529 account owner, you have free access to comprehensive college planning resources through Invite Education.

Your first stop might be the College Savings Estimator, which you can access on our homepage,

With the estimator, you can quickly look at how your savings are faring against projected future higher education costs. You choose the type of school your child may attend—public or private, in-state or out-of-state, plug in your savings goals and see how much the estimated savings will cover in the future. Change up your variables to consider other possibilities.

Invite Education has much more to offer. Create an account on our website, which is free for my529 account owners. The following is a brief recap of the resources available.

Grade-by-grade preparation – Once you set up your Invite Education College Planning Center account, build a profile for each of your beneficiaries. Based on the child’s current grade, Invite Education provides a strategy for what you and your child should be doing to prepare for higher education.

Is your child in elementary school? Check out your savings options and explore college costs. Use the planning center to introduce your child to the idea of going to college by exploring colleges and the many subjects that can be studied.

Is your child in high school? Review college choices with them and keep track of which courses they should be taking and which tests they should be preparing for. Review tips on career planning.

Financial Center – Keep track of your savings goals with the Financial Center. Sit down with your child and review the cost of college and how you plan to cover those costs. It makes a great lesson in financial literacy.

Colleges – The college database breaks down schools by location, type, field of study, tuition ranges, graduation rates, required test scores to enter and other factors.

Scholarships – Hunt for scholarships in this expansive database.

Resources – Find links to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA), as well as preparation and registration websites for the SAT, PSAT and ACT, and links to college application sites.

You can find the link to Invite Education by logging in to your my529 account. On your account homepage under Resources, you will see the Invite Education link in the left-hand menu. It’s the mortarboard icon.